Meet Ronnie. They are a Singaporean/Canadian who was born and raised in Victoria. At a young age their babysitter taught them how to crochet and their mother taught them how to sew, which blossomed into their love for fashion. Currently a fashion school student, they founded Fieldtrip – an online shop where they create handmade and custom crochet garments. They’re hoping to expand Fieldtrip to their full-time career and include sewn designs too. As creating can be both relaxing and stressful, they love to keep active with yoga, working out, and are currently learning to skateboard. They have a cat named Dim Sum, love their mom’s traditional Singaporean meals, and their icon is Sam Barsky – an American knit artist who freehand knits famous landmarks into his garments. Any hidden talents? They make their own pasta dough, and if you ever invite them for a potluck, they’ll bring handmade lasagna. Yum!

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