Meet Sylvia. Her ethnicity is El Salvadorian Lenca, she was born in Vancouver, and has lived in China and Korea. In her past life, she worked as an accessories editor and travel columnist for a Canadian fashion magazine and a high school art teacher. Now, she is the proud owner of Zaleska Jewelry, a line of size-inclusive jewelry handmade with natural gemstones. She runs the business with her fiance and frequently travels to visit their team of 25 artisans in Bali. When she’s not busy running her business you can find her spending time on the island, hunting for handbags and vintage jewelry, and enjoying anything with peanut sauce. Her icons include Rihanna and Cristian Siriano for including larger bodies on the runway. In the future, she hopes to expand into fine jewelry and be the representation in media that she needed when she was younger.
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