Meet Rachel. She is of Mexican/Austrian descent and her favourite place in the world is Veracruz, where her mother is from. She also loves Oaxaca – where her grandfather was born and is indigenous Zapotec. At the age of 21, she moved to NYC interning at Zac Posen for pattern making and worked in fashion PR with BPCM. She also lived in London working as a stylist. She’s always had an appreciation for interior design and started a business with her sister called Cozy’s, where they hand make rugs and homewares. In the coming year, she’s going to school for interior design to expand her knowledge on furniture design! She loves to keep her hands busy and enjoys sewing clothing, painting, and constantly learning new art mediums. One of the people she looks up to is fellow Vancouverite, Seth Rogen, for his storytelling and humor. She loves how he’s evolved from comedian, to actor, to writer, to most recently, pottery maker (another hobby she’s dabbled in).

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