Meet Esmé. She is of Chinese/Scottish descent, works as a graphic designer, and dabbles in set styling for photoshoots. Her favourite place is Happy Herd animal sanctuary because they provide a safe home for animals and it’s a wonderful escape from the city. One day she’d love to have an animal sanctuary of her own, where she can live sustainably and in harmony with the earth. She is constantly striving towards leading a low-waste lifestyle and making conscious decisions. 90% of her wardrobe and home decor are thrifted or repurposed pieces! Some of her favourite things include BBQ baos, sushi, pineapples, and her 14 year old rescue cat Mabel (she only has 5 teeth!). She loves sewing, arts and crafts, and reading; her current goal is to read 52 books by the end of the year.

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All photos are not retouched and taken in natural light.