Meet Bray. Adopted from Philadelphia and raised in Regina, he’s an African American who is Canadian at heart. He works as an educational assistant for students with disabilities and is accepting of all people no matter where they come from. His friends would call him a social butterfly who is always up for a good time (unless he already has plans). He loves playing volleyball and basketball, streaming movies, going out for drinks, and grabbing a bite at a great restaurant. A lover of travel, his most memorable trip was to Kenya where he volunteered teaching and mentoring children English and P.E. He also left a piece of his heart in NYC.

Quick fire fun facts: his favourite movie is Little Mermaid, favourite colour is orange, and Oreos don’t last long while he’s around (don’t blame him – yum!)


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All photos are not retouched and are taken in natural light.
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All photos are not retouched and taken in natural light.
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