Meet Declan. He is of Irish and Austrian descent, runs his own screen printing company called @myceliumprinting, has a clothing company, and works as security for clubs. He loves to draw, watch anime, workout, make + play video games. In the future, he hopes his screenprinting business can run independently so he can focus on making clothes and designing video games. His guilty pleasure is staying up late to look at the stars, watch movies, and go for a walk, because he loves how empty the world feels. His favourite place in the world is San Francisco, it’s like Vancouver with more hills, a bit more character, and the views are stunning. Plus, they have tons of sourdough bread! Fun fact – Declan’s hidden talent is competitive eating. He can take down a slice of pizza in 7 seconds flat! No professional competitions yet but he’s confident he could win.

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All photos are not retouched and taken in natural light.